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We are a locally veteran owned dumpster rental & waste management solution. No matter where you live along the Wasatch Front we have you covered. We can have a waste container to you quickly.  Contact us now and we will have the dumpster of your choice ready to serve you as soon as possible.  Being Veteran owned and operated, we know service and we move with a purpose to help you fast!

Looking to rent a dumpster in Herber City UT that won’t tear up your driveway? Our dumpsters won’t ruin your concrete, no matter which of our many dumpsters you chose from. We are on a mission to help you get the dumpster you need, and fast!  Employees are drug tested and background checked.  We pride ourselves on being timely and polite, all at the most competitive price in the state!  Whether you need a dumpster for your spring cleaning or you have a large construction job, there is no job we can’t handle.

Why should you care what type of dumpster you use?  Roll-off dumpsters can gouge, mar, or otherwise destroy concrete.  Whether you need your dumpster on the patio or on your new driveway, our mobile dumpsters are the way to go!

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Do you need a dumpster ASAP? Then look no more! At Minuteman Waste Solutions, you’ve got a professional dumpster rental company you can trust!

We offer a wide range of roll off dumpsters that range in sizes to meet your needs. We provide services for residential, commercial, and construction needs. We are a local, veteran-owned and operated company serving clients in Lehi and the surrounding areas, guaranteeing fast and immediate services on short notice.

Call us now and we’ll have the dumpster of your choice ready to serve as soon as possible. Whether you need a dumpster for spring cleaning or for a large construction project, there is no job we can’t handle.


Dumpster Rental

Your Local Commercial & Residential Dumpster Rental Company In Herber City UT

Why does the type of dumpster matter? Well, most rental dumpsters in Herber City UT are hard on your driveway. When they’re placed on concrete, there’s a risk for damage that can cost you to repair. Dumpsters can gouge, mar, or destroy concrete on your patio, driveway, or sidewalk. But not with us. Our dumpster won’t tear up your driveway. Our equipment is designed to make sure they don’t cause any damage to concrete, ensuring your waste removal is as smooth, hassle-free, and stress-free as possible. Our mission is to make sure you get to remove any junk and waste from your property with ease, and you can rest assured there will be no trace of our dumpsters once we take them off your property.

We have different-size roll off dumpster rentals from 10 yards to 30-yard roll offs. From home spring cleaning, to yard waste disposal, to complete construction junk removal, our range of dumpsters can meet any of your needs. Simply talk to us about what kinds of junk you need to remove, and we can suggest the size of the dumpster we believe will serve your needs. 

We offer one of the most affordable prices in the market. We are dedicated to offering great low prices for any and all of our clients, whether it’s residential, construction, or commercial needs, we have the best prices in Utah. Simply fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP with a full quote! Or, you can also give us a call and one of our friendly staff will take your call and book your rental. We are available 24/7 for all your questions and concerns. We are dedicated to offering excellent customer service and we believe being available when you need us is key to top-notch customer service that doesn’t disappoint. We are here for you when you need us, or whenever you need to ask a question about your rental. Call or text us now for same-day delivery! From our office staff to our drivers, you can rest assured that our team is reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated to serving your needs. They are background-checked and drug-tested, ensuring that you can trust them to provide our services with professionalism and courtesy. From the minute you call us to the second our roll off dumpster rentals are taken from your property, you can expect professionalism and 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Are you renovating your home? Or maybe you’re doing an entire yard overhaul? If you need a dumpster rental for your spring cleaning, renovation, or yard waste removal, we offer roll off dumpster rentals that fit your driveway or patio. Making sure your junk removal is as convenient as possible, we deliver our dumpsters to your driveway, making it is easy for you to throw out your junk with ease. Free your home from junk and waste you need to throw out fast. When you call us, we can offer same-day delivery so junk doesn’t pile up at your home.

We understand that businesses create a lot of waste. Keep your business clean, sterilized, and hygienic with our range of dumpster services. Choose from 10 to 30-yard roll off dumpsters that offer wide spaces for all kinds of junk. From office furniture to damaged appliances, and all kinds of bulk junk from your restaurant, hotel, retail space, or office building. We offer fast and immediate services, and our friendly staff will provide you with punctual, prompt, and expert services.

Every construction project will have piles of junk and waste. From roof shingles to tiles, leftover drywall, scraps, to all kinds of materials such as wood, cement, metal, and hardware junk. Our largest dumpsters can handle all kinds of construction waste and junk, so you can easily remove them from the property with ease. 

Dumpster rental is a topic that is getting a lot of traction in this day and age. This makes full sense, too. Smart and resourceful people all over the map have been turning to dumpster rental in recent times. Renting out a dumpster can aid people who are renovating and remodeling their residential properties. It can aid people who are trying to vacate their homes before they move for good. It can aid people who want to start fresh new chapters in their lives as well. If you’re fed up with living in a dim and messy home that’s a haven for clutter collection, then renting a dumpster can help you turn everything around pretty speedily.

Minuteman Waste Solutions is a trusted company that has an outstanding track record in the dumpster rental universe. We’ve helped countless customers with their disposal requirements throughout the years that we have been in business. That explains our menu choices as well. If you’re thinking about taking care of a rather small and minor disposal project, we can talk to you about 10 yard dumpster rental. If you’re thinking about taking care of a disposal project that’s a bit bigger, we can give you information about the rental of our 15 yard units. If you’re contemplating managing a disposal project that’s decidedly more intricate and substantial, then we can put your mind 100 percent at ease. 

People who want dumpsters that are on the smaller side can go for our 10 yard choices. These units can hold upward of two tons at once. You can rent a 10 yard dumpster for 24 full hours. You can rent a unit of this kind for double that amount of time, too. If you need to keep a 10 yard dumpster on your driveway for two days, then we can help you without issue. Our devoted team members drop off our dumpster rentals at our customers’ residences. They pick off our dumpster rentals at their residences after they’re done putting everything inside of them, too. They’re consistently punctual, organized, thoughtful, courteous and respectful, and that’s just one of the many reasons we have such a big customer base in the region. Do you want to rent a dumpster that’s not too big and not too small? If you do, then you should learn all that you can about our 15 yard units. These units can in some cases hold two full tons at a time. You can rent one of these dumpsters for 24 hours. You can rent one of them for 48 hours or even as long as seven days.

Our 20 yard dumpster choices are particularly dazzling. True to their name, they’re the biggest dumpster size classification on hand to our customers. These dumpsters can hold as many as four tons simultaneously. Our customers can rent out these units for seven days in a row. If you’re throwing away furnishings before moving to a different country, then renting out one of our 20 yard beauties may be one of the most intelligent and prudent things you ever do.

You cannot dispute just how big dumpster rental service is becoming. It’s becoming bigger and bigger by the day as well. People nowadays lack spare time. That’s why they usually jump for joy after they find out that our team members drop off and deliver our units. If you don’t want to be tasked with the unpleasant job of having to go seemingly endless disposal facilities, then calling us for rental may be the correct solution for you.

Renting a 10, 15 or 20 yard dumpster can make managing your home projects simple and speedy. Do you want your home to look immaculate? We can help you do away with pieces of garbage. Do you want to prepare for a tough move? We can help you relax and concentrate. We make it simple for people to dispose of items that cover many key bases. Call us at Minuteman Waste Solutions to find out additional details.

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Best Prices In Utah

Locally Veteran Owned & Operated

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Free yourself from junk and waste as soon as possible. When you give us a call, we offer same-day delivery so you can get rid of your junk on the very same day. We offer delivery and pick up, so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Simply throw your junk inside our dumpsters, and we’ll do the rest.

When you call our staff, you will be given a free quote and honest advice on your needs. With a proven track record for fast, immediate, and low prices without sacrificing quality customer service, Minute Waste Man Solutions is the company to call for any and all of your residential, commercial, and construction dumpster rental needs.

Veteran owned and operated, we know service and we move with purpose to serve fast!

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